The Buffalo Bills are gearing up for a primetime showdown against the Tennesse Titans on Monday Night Football.

Bills fans are gearing up for a tailgate and home-opener like no other.

The expectations for this season are at an all-time high. Some would argue that the expectations are higher than when the Bills went to four straight Super Bowls.

The trajectory of this historic Bills rise can be tracked down to one moment, just four years ago

The Josh Allen effect

Bills fans remember fondly of the argument that the front office may have drafted the wrong Josh in the 2018 NFL draft.

Allen had no major offers coming out of high school, he played for a smaller D1 school, and accuracy issues were evident.

Nearly every expert agreed, it appeared Josh Allen would be another story of a draft bust.

What happened next, that I like to remind everyone, was a statistical miracle.

Sean McDermott makes the announcement

Before their game against the Chargers in 2018, McDermott held a press conference announcing Allen as the starter.

The rookie quarterback beat out Nathan Peterman, an infamous Buffalo legend, in just one week.

For those who may not remember Peterman, this was his most infamous moment as a Buffalo Bill.

And the rest is history

We all know where the story goes from here. The Bills DID succeed with Josh Allen at the helm and have become a juggernaut in the NFL.

The Bills were able to draft, develop, and build arguably the single-greatest quarterback the team has ever seen. The accolades speak for themselves.

Allen continuously makes history with both his deadly run game and cannon of an arm. It’s safe to say the accuracy concerns coming out of college are dead.

What Allen means for Buffalo

A franchise quarterback who ends every press conference or interview with “Go Bills.” A man who gives his all for the city of Buffalo and his teammates each and every week.

Allen exemplifies what the team and city are all about which makes it no surprise that he’s beloved in all circles of Bills Mafia.

However, the biggest test will be if Allen can finally get over the hill and give Buffalo fans a Super Bowl victory.

Right now, we are going to enjoy the ride. We waited decades for a quarterback this good. Enjoy every second of it Bills fans.

Featured image via Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports