The Buffalo Bills squeaked out a victory over the Detroit Lions, 28-25.

It wasn’t easy and it wasn’t pretty with struggles on both sides of the football. However, as Josh Allen said a few weeks ago a win is a win is a win.

Incredible news before kickoff

Immediately before the contest, it was announced that the Bills activated All-Pro cornerback Tre White.

Bills Mafia was excited, to say the least.

However, many fans left the game scratching their heads at what the Bills decided to do with him.

Dane Jackson struggles

Throughout the contest, Bills cornerback Dane Jackson was getting targeted by Jared Goff and the Lions’ offense.

Goff targeted Jackson early and often and won most of the battles.

Jackson’s sub-optimal day resulted in allowing Amon St Brown to finish his day with 9 catches for 122 yards and a touchdown.

Jackson was the primary defender for most of the matchup on Brown.

This isn’t the first, and won’t be the last game in which Jackson will be called on to step up in coverage.

Head-scratching decision

The biggest, most head-scratching issue with Jackson’s performance? The availability of Tre White. Rather, his lack of availability on the football field.

White was on the field for the first series of the game and sprinkled throughout the contest. However, late in the game, White was nowhere to be found.

Goff torched the defense, marching down the field and nearly winning the game with White sitting on the sidelines.

Every catch Jackson allowed had Bills Mafia further clamoring to get White back on the field.

It appears now we finally have some answers as to why White wasn’t available to replace Jackson late in the game.

Bills star opens up

Jordan Poyer opened up to the media, outlining that Tre White was on a snap count today.

White tore his ACL last Thanksgiving and the Bills front office has a history of being very careful with players coming off an injury.

Sean McDermott’s post-game press conference shed further light on the availability and game plan for Tre White.

While it may not have been pretty, this was a significant step for Buffalo who has their eyes on the ultimate prize.

White will be ramping up each and every week and will hopefully soon not be limited to a snap count.

For now, all eyes are on Von Miller and his reported injury.

Getting this team healthy and playing at their highest level is the biggest priority.

Onto New England.

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