Before Josh Allen, no quarterback in Buffalo Bills history has stacked up to the legendary Jim Kelly.

Allen still hasn’t himself. But, if he certainly will if continues the current trajectory he’s on. There’s almost zero doubt Allen and the Bills will miss out on at least one legitimate shot at playing for a Lombardi trophy at some point in the future.

And make no mistake: The Bills need Allen if they ever want to reach the Super Bowl. This may be one of the most put-together rosters in the NFL -and there is a ton of talent- but, this team is nowhere close to what it can be without Allen.

That’s why Kelly recently hammered home the point that he wants Allen to stop taking so many hits. He knows himself how much those extra hits hurt and how much it can affect a player’s career.

Naturally, Kelly doesn’t want that for Allen.

“I would tell him to run out of bounds and get down,” Kelly recently told WGRZ‘s Julianne Pelusi. “He’s so damn competitive and he’s such a big dude that he just wants to take guys on. And I’m like, ‘No, man. Alright, I understand that competitive desire and we all believe in it and it’s awesome; but, your best ability for this team is availability. So, let’s go ahead and run out of bounds every now and then.

“But other than that, man, I wouldn’t give him any advice on his game.”

And who can blame Kelly? Yes, Allen has the size to take the hits, but that doesn’t mean he should take them. It’s also easy to see why Kelly doesn’t like Allen taking those hits.

Per Sports Info Solutions, Allen had the third-most carries (48) that were labeled as either QB-designed runs, QB draws, or QB zone, or option-/zone read-keepers. A little under three of those carries per game doesn’t seem like a lot, especially when considering the possibility of running out of bounds. However, that changes when including the fact that starting quarterbacks averaged a little less than one carry per game in any of aforementioned context.

Those numbers don’t include scrambles, either. Per SIS, Allen tied for the second-most in that category with 49 attempts, just one away from tying the league-leader, Jalen Hurts (50).

Kelly shouldn’t fret, however, because it appears as if the Bills are gearing their offensive approach to feature less opportunities for hits on Allen. Not only did they improve their offensive line over the offseason, but they also brought in James Cook through the draft and Duke Johnson Jr. through free agency.

Honestly, those additions should make the offense more well-rounded, as a whole. And then add in a defense built to protect a lead, which will allow the Bills to run even more, it becomes even easier to see why Allen should be taking less hits in 2022.

And maybe, that’ll help the Bills finally get that elusive Lombardi they’ve craved for so long.

Featured image via Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports