The Buffalo Bills got back in the win column after squeaking out a 23-31 victory over the Cleveland Browns.

Early in the matchup, everything was going wrong for the Bills.

The defense was giving up huge plays, Josh Allen was off, and Stefon Diggs wasn’t able to secure a catch early in the contest.

Specifically, Diggs’s frustration led to an incredible sideline moment that quickly went viral

Several days removed, both Diggs and McDermott opened up about what went down in that crucial moment.

Diggs began with his own explanation. “I’m a very charismatic, high-energy guy. He knows that sometimes I just need to take a breath.”

Diggs continued, talking about his personal struggles. “I always expect excellence from myself. And I always want to be dominant. And I feel like if I’m not being dominant, I’m not doing my job at times… he always kind of brings it full circle, like, you got it.”

Narrative around Diggs is dead

Fans of the Bills remember fondly the rumors swirling about the talented receiver before joining the team.

He was thought of as a diva, someone who wouldn’t mesh well with this culture-driven team.

However, moments like that further cement his true legacy as a professional who is passionate about the game.

McDermott added his own experience from the moment. Adding, “I just wanted to offer a couple words of encouragement and settle everyone down.”

The moment between the star receiver and head coach quickly went viral.

Now it appears we finally have some answers as to exactly what went down in that pivotal moment.

What’s next?

Plain and simple, the Bills need to be better. Diggs, McDermott, Allen and the entire roster would agree with that.

There’s hope that this team can bounce back and after seeing such an incredible moment unfold on the field, their heads are in the right place.

Von Miller commented a few weeks ago, encouraging the team “don’t blink.”

It’s a refreshing sign for Bills fans to see that the team isn’t blinking and that they are doing everything in their power to be better.

Here’s hoping Josh Allen takes a considerable bite out of a turkey leg on Thanksgiving.

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