Von Miller’s dominance shined through during the Bills impressive win during the season-opener.

While Bills fans were able to relax and enjoy their weekend of stress-free football, Miller made his presence known in another way.

During the Sunday night matchup, a controversial hit took place that quickly took the internet by storm.

Miller’s reaction

Miller was quick to point out his own take on the controversial play, dividing the football community.

Miller expressed his concern about player safety, a sentiment even the league has been looking at the past few seasons. 

As a defensive-minded player, I can see Miller’s argument as the hit itself looks vicious and dangerous.

Miller is a veteran in the NFL who has seen his fair share of losses on the field due to hits like this.

If a hit like this happened to Miller resulting in an injury, fans would be clamoring for justice.

Players respond

Many are suggesting this was a clean hit from a running back out of the backfield.

Micah Parsons spoke out on social media with a little back and forth with the man behind the hit, Leonard Fournette.

Flashbacks for Bills fans

While the play didn’t result in serious injuries, it immediately took my mind back to Aaron Williams’ career-ending injury.

One slight tweak or adjustment of the head and an entirely different conversation is happening.

Final thoughts

Football is a dangerous game played by some of the strongest men on the planet.

Thinking about the loss of Miller due to a play like this makes me immediately fall in line with what he was expressing.

I love big hits and wow plays just like every other fan.

I love it, even more, when star defensive players avoid long-term injuries from questionable hits.

Featured image via Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports