The Buffalo Bills couldn’t have asked for a better weekend.

Not only did they get Sunday off after beating the New England Patriots on Thursday Night Football but the results around the NFL heavily favored them. The Bills now have the #1 seed in the AFC following losses of the Kansas City Chiefs and Miami Dolphins.

At 9-3 and with the head-to-head tiebreaker over the Chiefs, the Bills would hold the much fought-over home-field advantage and a first-round bye if the season ended today.

However, it doesn’t.

And Bills Mafia learned on Sunday that it’s time to make room for one more team in the top tier of the AFC. Because man, the Cincinnati Bengals have definitely earned it.

Earlier this season, I wrote about how this season turned out to be about the Chiefs and the Bills once again despite wanting to escape that fact with offseason hype on Buffalo being one of the best teams in NFL history. It’s a pretty damn good team, don’t get me wrong, but nothing is written yet.

Although I stand by my point as I still consider the Chiefs legit contenders, it’s true that the Bills should look at the Bengals as a team that belongs in that upper echelon of the NFL.

In defeating the Chiefs on Sunday, Cincinnati showed it’s got the answers on offense and highly efficient defense to be sustainably successful. Even though it was a dramatic three-point win, the Bengals actually left plenty more on the table. I’d argue they looked more dominant than the scoreboard suggested.

Although they made the Super Bowl last season, Cincinnati’s play style didn’t provide much confidence in them remaining consistent but they have been just that over the last few weeks.

They did enough for the Bills to mark that Monday Night Football game on January 2nd in the calendar. Ladies and gentlemen, that game could very well be for the #1 seed in the AFC. Currently, the Bengals sit at 8-4.

If both Buffalo and Cincy win the rest of their games, that Week 17 showdown would determine the conference’s team to beat.

And even if things don’t work out quite that well for both squads and Kansas City regains the control of the AFC (they face the 31st hardest schedule from this point on), the primetime matchup should work as a good measuring stick before the playoffs.

If you already have a 2023 calendar in your hands, circle January 2nd. It should be a fun one.

But before that… Bills in primetime again!

What was originally expected to be a noon game for the Bills has been flexed by the NFL to a Saturday Night Football affair! And it’s a big one, too.

In Week 15, the Bills will host the Dolphins in a primetime slot.

Despite losing to Brock Purdy’s San Francisco 49ers, the Dolphins remain a legit AFC East contender with an 8-4 record and will enter the game trying to derail the Bills’ plans.

Go ahead and pencil that for December 17th and make sure to cancel any plans that interfere with Bills football.

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