The Buffalo Bills had the best Week 1 performance in the entire NFL. Their dominant 31-10 win over the reigning champions was a resounding statement that the hype surrounding the team is completely legit. But not even such a game can be considered perfect, as you probably know.

An example of this comes from ESPN’s recent article on the rookies who stood out for each team during the opening week. Surprisingly, the rookie listed for Buffalo isn’t Christian Benford, who got the start at cornerback despite being a sixth-round draft pick.

Instead, ESPN listed a rookie that caught the national outlet’s attention for the worst reason. A turnover. Specifically, a fumble. Even more specifically, a running back’s fumble… in his first career snap.

Yeah, it’s fair to say Bills RB James Cook didn’t have the smoothest NFL debut.

“Unfortunately, the second-round pick stood out for the wrong reason — fumbling on his first career NFL snap during the Bills’ turnover-filled start against the Rams,” the article reads.

Cook finished the night with only three offensive snaps (5%) and one attempt for two yards and a fumble. The second-round pick out of Georgia will need to keep his head up moving forward. His skillset can make him a versatile running back for the Bills, bringing pass-catching skills to Ken Dorsey’s offense.

Buffalo is loaded at running back with Devin Singletary and Zack Moss still positioned above the rookie in the depth chart. But Cook will get more chances. When he does, his initial misstep must be in the rearview mirror.

“I’m glad (Cook)  got [the fumble] out the way,” Von Miller said.

“He showed us all types of crazy stuff in practice, man, he’s gonna have an excellent year this year.”

A Week 1 fumble changes very little for the running back.

Featured image via Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports