Josh Allen took the podium on Thursday morning after the Buffalo Bills wrapped up their final practice at St. John Fisher University and addressed one of the most-discussed trends from the team’s padded practices.


For some reason, it’s been an offseason chippier than usual for Buffalo. Consider this, in their first four padded practices, three fights broke out.

Even Allen was involved in one when he shoved defensive tackle Jordan Phillips, starting one of the tussles.

As you would’ve expected, the favorite for the 2022 NFL MVP award was asked about why he believes that’s been a theme throughout Bills camp.

“It’s guys that want to win, it’s guys competing,” said Allen. “To have that mentality each and every rep, nothing is going to be perfect. We understand that. […] Come out here and win all your reps, it’s tough to do and guys get heated when that doesn’t happen.”

While many have called the recurrent fights a problem in training camp, the face of the Bills welcomes it.

“I definitely think it’s a good problem to have. Guys being very competitive.”

Last week, Allen went as far as calling it “necessary.”

By the way, the last practice away from home was no exception to the trend, as starters Ed Oliver and Dion Dawkins went at it following a run play.

Keyword: starters.

Micah Hyde mentioned the fights were all about “grown men trying to earn roster spots.” But those guys aren’t fighting for that. They’re not even fighting to start when the regular season starts!

It all comes down to personal preferences, but I’m all for a chippy training camp. Especially when your identity as a team revolves around bouncing back from such an unfortunate* end to the season.

*Note: I use “unfortunate” in a very literal sense, too. After all, it came down to a coin toss. But hey, it’s time to move on. 

Of course, it’s all about balance. The Bills seem to have that heading into the preseason. No worries here.

Featured image via Shawn Dowd / USA TODAY NETWORK