The Buffalo Bills bounced back from their recent slump with a 31-23 victory over the Cleveland Browns.

The news before the game was whether or not the Bills would be able to play football.

The city of Buffalo was devastated by a historic winter storm, leaving players and coaches stranded at their homes.

The NFL quickly jumped in, moving the game to Detroit.

However, it still left one huge problem for the Bills: How would they arrive at the game?

In the days following, amazing stories of the Bills Mafia and the city of good neighbors spread like wildfire.

The Bills were able to make their flight to Detroit and ultimately win the game against the Browns.

While their dominant running game was a big factor in the victory, the biggest key had nothing to do with football.

During the game it was announced that Josh Allen’s neighbor, Squirrel Winters, had been crucial in Allen’s success.

Winters reportedly helped the star quarterback clear out a path that allowed Allen to make it to the facility and ultimately Detroit. Allen and the team were helped by neighbors, coaches, and even first responders in order to make it to the airport.

The entire city of Buffalo came together for the one thing they love the most, their beloved Buffalo Bills.

While the game was ugly in the first half, the team was able to bounce back and secure the much-needed victory. Singletary, Cook, Allen and Knox could all have been considered to be MVPs for this matchup.

However, The kind neighbor is hands-down the MVP of the game.

There’s no fanbase quite like Bills Mafia.

Featured image via Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports