The Buffalo Bills (6-2) suffer only their second loss of the season. This time to the surprising New York Jets (6-3) who are witnessing a revival to their franchise.

But it wasn’t just the Bills losing to the Jets that’s surprising, but how.

Despite being third in rush defense, allowing only 665 yards on the ground all year, the Jets carved Buffalo like a Thanksgiving turkey. Running for 174 yards the ground, lead by the combination of RBs James Robinson (48 yards) and Michael Carter (76 yards).

The ensuing rushing attack opened up what has been a moderate to unimpressive passing game from the Jets. While only throwing for 154 yards, QB Zach Wilson finished with a higher passer rating (101.1) than Allen (46.8), completing 72% of his passes, a touchdown and no interceptions.

Allen threw two interceptions and no touchdowns.

Ironic considering how much more efficient Allen has been this season. However, his normally fortified offensive line was allowing pressure all game long, with Allen sacked five times on the day.

Rush defense, pass defense, passing offense and QB are all things the Buffalo Bills are supposedly better than the Jets. However, this game, these areas of strength were abused by a motivated and very hot Jets team that now is a threat to the Bills’ AFC East crown.

The schedule doesn’t get any easier for the Bills down the stretch. With games against the Minnesota Vikings, Cleveland Browns, Detroit Lions and New England Patriots coming up.

All teams who can run the ball at will. Seeing how susceptible the Bills can be when run on, last week and this week, these weaknesses could be areas of exploitation as we get closer to the playoffs.

Mandatory Credit: Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports