The Tennessee Titans and the Buffalo Bills are set for an early season showdown this weekend that could have a major impact on the AFC playoff race.

Tennessee, the No. 1 overall seed in the AFC last season, is coming off a brutal week one loss while the Bills are coming off an impressive win over the defending Super Bowl champion Los Angeles Rams.

The Titans will be looking to prove their loss was a fluke. And Buffalo will be looking to prove their win wasn’t a fluke.

And Tennessee quarterback Ryan Tannehill will be looking to avoid Von Miller, his former college teammate at Texas A&M.

Tannehill was asked by reporters on Thursday about facing Miller again and he offered a funny quote that sums up perfectly what it’s like to face Miller.

“I don’t mind seeing him, I just don’t want him in my bubble,” said Tannehill.

I can’t blame him. No one wants to see Von Miller rushing full speed at them.

This will actually be the fourth time the two have played against each other in the NFL.

When Tannehill was with the Miami Dolphins, he faced Miller and the Denver Broncos once (Tannehill was out of the season in 2017 when Denver and Miami played). Tannehill and the Titans also faced Miller and the Broncos twice (including the game where Tannehill took over for Marcus Mariota in 2019).

So far, Miller is 2-1 against his former college teammate.

He’ll be hoping to make that 3-1 this weekend when the Titans travel to Buffalo.

Featured image via Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports