The Chicago Bears don’t have a lot of initial optimism to begin the season.

The offensive line is a trainwreck, the receiving group has more questions than answers, and Justin Fields is under a lot of pressure to perform despite his surroundings being less than subpar.

But it’s still Week One, a time where every fan can confidently watch their favorite team and believe they won’t be let down.

However, based on an early play by Justin Fields, it looks like Bears fans will have to lower their optimism earlier than expected.

Fields had zero reason to throw that ball. It doesn’t matter how open he thought his receiver was, you should never force the football into windows littered with opposing defensive backs.

Especially with how sloppy the conditions are at Soldier Field. You have to stay disciplined and learn to concede on the play

It’s still early, so things can change.

But if Fields continues to make plays like this, he’s going to be questioned sooner rather than later.

Featured image via Mike Dinovo-USA TODAY Sports