Justin Fields and the Chicago Bears underwent a humbling experience in last week’s loss to the Buffalo Bills. After leading at halftime, Chicago fell apart as the game went on, though Fields did manage to earn some respect along the way.

Bills quarterback Josh Allen is a generational athlete. Bears fans witnessed his dynamic athleticism first hand in Saturday’s defeat. There has never been a quarterback in NFL history that possessed his arm strength along with his game-breaking abilities with his legs.

While Allen’s abilities have captivated the football world, he believes Fields embodies all of the traits that make for an elite quarterback in today’s NFL.

In his weekly appearance on Kyle Brandt’s Basement, Allen dove into his favorite aspects of Fields’ game.

“Justin Fields is a special talent,” Allen said. “He really is. He can spin the rock. The organization and teammates love him. He works hard. He doesn’t complain. I’m pulling for him. I’m a big fan of his.”

It’s been a difficult second season in Chicago for Fields. He’s battled through some bumps and bruises all while being surrounded by a talent-deficient offense. He’s had every reason to complain and throw in the towel, but he’s held strong.

Like Allen, Fields has a toughness that can’t be taught. No matter the beating he takes on the field, he’s displayed that he is willing to fight through anything in order to help his team.

While opposing fans joke about Fields’ ability as a passer, it’s important to remember what one of the best quarterbacks in the sport thinks about him. Allen went through similar struggles early on in his career. He’s the perfect player for Fields to look up to if given the time and the right supporting cast.

Featured image via Jamie Sabau – USA TODAY Sports

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