The Chicago Bears opened up their preseason slate of games with the Kansas City Chiefs on Saturday and as expected, ups and downs were involved throughout Justin Fields’ time on the field.

But, there were three definitive plays that not only showed off the potential within the Bears offense – they showed this offense will be much more explosive than people expect it to be in 2022.

Granted, it’s Week 1 of the preseason. But at the same time, it’s easy to see why these plays stick out.

Fields’ 26-yard completion to Darnell Mooney

There are few things that can beat quarterback-receiver chemistry in the NFL. And it doesn’t extend to just wideouts. There have been plenty of tight end-quarterback combos that have excelled over the years. Patrick Mahomes-Travis Kelce and Tom Brady-Rob Gronkowski are two of the best examples one can give.

Fields’ and Mooney’s chemistry has been well-documented this offseason and it didn’t take long for it to be on full display Saturday. Fields connected with Mooney on a 26-yard shot that just screamed trust and chemistry, as you can see below:

The skinny: For starters, the offensive line picked up the Chiefs’ zone pressure very well, which is what gave Fields both the time and confidence to make the throw.

It was also a beautifully designed play by Luke Getsy. The pick allowed Mooney to get a step on the defender in coverage and then Mooney showed why he is one of the most underrated receivers in the league. Fields’ ball placement was also key. He saw the defender had his back turned, so he put it in a spot where only Mooney could find it.

This one play was the perfect example of how when everything works, Getsy’s offense should be a huge change -and major breath of fresh air- from Matt Nagy’s.

Tajae Sharpe’s highlight-reel grab on 3rd and 9

This will probably go down as the best catch of Week 1.

Sharpe has been a preseason hero before, but that shouldn’t take away from his incredible effort on this play. Nor should it take away from the catch, whatsoever.

But what’s really key, here, is the read and throw from Fields. The second-year quarterback recognizes the Chiefs are blitzing, which means they are in man. He also probably realizes that he’s about to get drilled. Yet, he delivers a pinpoint throw to the sideline where only Sharpe can make the play, just like the above throw to Mooney.

Now, it does look like Fields has a guy open over the middle, but that shouldn’t dock points. Fields recognized the blitz and it’s likely that Sharpe was his hot route on a blitz.

The skinny: This play shows Fields’ grasp of the offense and his growth within, which has been talked about a lot this offseason, as well. And, let’s not forget this was a 19-yard completion on a 3rd and 9 from the Bears’ own 8.

Fields’ 10-yard scramble on 1st and 10

This was the subsequent play that followed Sharpe’s aforementioned grab and it was easily the best back-to-back sequence for Fields and co. during the game.

The skinny: We all know Fields is an elite athlete and he showed last year how dangerous he can be when he’s an open-field runner. This is simply a great example of him reading the field, feeling/recognizing the pressure, and then taking off for a first down.

Fields’ athleticism takes over from that point on.

And fortunately, Fields didn’t take a page out of Zach Wilson’s playbook and decided to run out of bounds instead of making an unnecessary move during a meaningless game.

Fields finished the game 4-of-7 for 48-yards through the air and the 10 rushing yards from this run.

Featured image via Jamie Sabau-USA TODAY Sports