CHICAGO – A rookie’s life in the NFL is the ultimate definition of ebb and flow. Every player has a different experience – some good and some not-so-good. A lot of times it takes first-year players a while to get their legs under them.

And sometimes, players never find their way, at all.

That isn’t the case for Bears rookie Trestan Ebner. The Bears just recently began their rookie minicamp on Friday, but Ebner is already experiencing a level of comfort that many don’t possess on the first day of camp.

Part of it is because of the environment Matt Eberflus and Co. have created at Halas Hall.

“The coaching staff and just everybody around have been so welcoming,” Ebner told reporters Friday. “Making you feel comfortable and at home, because it’s a new environment…. And so, it’s just nice to see some friendly faces – everybody’s smiling and laughing and having a good time. So, I’m comfortable here, now.”

But the meat of why Ebner feels so comfortable -the reason that matter mosts- is because of the offensive system that new offensive coordinator Luke Getsy is bringing with him from Green Bay.

Getsy will install Matt LaFleur’s infamous outside zone scheme that LaFleur developed during his previous coaching days with Rams head coach Sean McVay. The passing game will revolve/feed off outside zone runs by using misdirection, counters, play action, and other schemes used to throw defenses off-kilter or take advantage of their overaggressiveness.

And as it turns out, outside zone is right up Ebner’s alley.

“I see a lot of outside zone and we’ve been going over that a lot,” Ebner told reporters. “I feel very comfortable running outside zone, that’s the offense I ran [last] year. That’s all we ran. So, I’m excited to show that part of my game.”

Per Pro Football Focus, the Packers running backs ran out of zone nearly 70% of the time in 2021. That was one of the NFL’s highest rates last year and the good news is the Bears were a zone-heavy offense, as well. That’s very important when considering three of the likely five starting offensive linemen were acquired by Matt Nagy and Ryan Pace. It’s also a big reason why the Bears signed former Packer Lucas Patrick away from Green Bay to play center. Patrick not only knows the scheme, but he’ll know the ins-and-outs when it comes to calling protections, audibles, and the other communicative responsibilities the Bears need from him.

Right now, Ebner is considered as the third or fourth running back on the depth chart as he sits behind incumbent starter David Montgomery, second-stringer Khalil Herbert, and the newly-acquired Darrynton Evans. But as we all know, a strong offseason can shake things up. And Ebner is ready for the competition.

“I love it, it’s nice,” Ebner said when asked how he feels about friendly competition. “I’ve never been scared of competition.”

Based off everything Ebner said Friday and what the Bears are planning to do on offense, it sounds like he’s ready to hit the ground running – pun totally intended.

Only time will tell if he does.

You can check out the full interview with Ebner, below:

Featured image via Scott Sewell-USA Today Sports