Chicago Bears fans live for the excitement and intrigue that comes with Packers week. Two times a year, a week full of build up evolves into a special game day atmosphere between the two historic franchises.

What makes these occasions even more special though, is the back and forth jabs that each fan base throws throughout the week.

Embarrassing stats that shows one team’s dominance over the other, classic clips that’ll forever stand alone in the rich history of the rivalry, these specifics and more truly make the competition between the two teams quite unique.

But none of these can get each fanbase riled up more than the daily trash talk that takes place. It’s different when it comes from the fans of either team, but when a national media figurehead decides to join in on the fun, the ordeal certainly becomes more heated than usual.

ESPN’s Bart Scott took a wild swing at Justin Fields and the Bears recently, and blatantly dismissed their chances to make any noise against the Green Bay Packers this Sunday.

Sure, the Bears haven’t met the standard of excellence Green Bay has set over the last few seasons.

But like we see every week in this league, any team can beat at any time and any place. The Bears most certainly have a chance to beat the Packers on Sunday night. It might not be a great chance, but the possibility certainly exists.

Especially if the Bears can make everything click on both sides of the ball.

Featured image via Daniel Bartel-USA TODAY Sports