CHICAGO – The Bears were recently docked an OTA practice after the NFL found out they were engaging in live contact practices in May. Those are not allowed, per the NFL’s CBA.

While it’s not a very good look for Matt Eberflus and even Ryan Poles, the mishap could end up sending the Bears to the playoffs, by some weird way of the universe.

Well, not directly send them to the playoffs, but the Bears would be following a recent trend if they were to make it to the postseason.

Soon after the news was announced, Chicago Sun-Times writer Mark Potash tweeted out the odd trend that should help Bears fans feel a bit warm and fuzzy on the inside:

Potash’s tweet gets a little sweeter when you dive deeper into the four aforementioned teams.

The 49ers and Cowboys -the two most recent teams on the list- both finished 2020 with 6-10 records, apiece. The Ravens finished 9-7 in 2017, but missed the playoffs.

The Seahawks were the only team to make the playoffs the year prior. As we all know, the Bears did not make the playoffs in 2021.

The universe works in mysterious ways. Hopefully it can send some of that energy toward Chicago in 2022.

Featured image via Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports