The Chicago Bears lost against the Atlanta Falcons on Sunday, and even worse, Justin Fields finished the game with a painful looking injury to his non-throwing shoulder.

No one would blame the Bears for feeling a little gloom and doom based off those events, especially if you add in the fact that this franchise is snowballing toward another losing season. Granted this is the first year of a full blown rebuild, but the disappointment still remains.

However, despite the negativity surrounding the Bears right now, Fields still found a way to uplift his team by displaying some very admirable leadership.

It’s nice of Fields to recognize the importance of acknowledging the job of his teammates, specifically when his unit doesn’t hold up their end of the bargain.

Darnell Mooney echoed the same sentiment after the game as well, clearly acknowledging the offense not taking advantage of the opportunity the defense gave them.

“Same thing every week. We have the ball in our hands at the end of the game then don’t win the game,” Mooney said. “That’s all on us offensively”

These actions, or words, can give your teammates a sense that you care and that you realize that you yourself need to pick up your own play, so that the other players that are doing their jobs, won’t see their efforts go to waste.

They might seem insignificant on the surface, but they go a long way in terms of building camaraderie.

This behavior by Fields also speaks volumes after the words and reported actions of New York Jets quarterback Zach Wilson. The #2 overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft and one of two quarterbacks taken ahead of Fields.

Be thankful you have Fields, Bears fans.

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