CHICAGO – The Bears were set to resume OTAs on Tuesday after a Monday session, but no one was at Halas Hall.

That’s because the NFL took away Tuesday’s session due to the fact the Bears were engaging in live practices in May, which is forbidden by the NFLPA.

Eberflus explained what happened during his Wednesday press conference.

“What they concluded on is that we had a few plays early-on in the OTA process and they took away an OTA on Tuesday,” Eberflus told reporters Wednesday. “We found out late Monday evening and that’s when we notified the media, as well as the players, that we weren’t coming in Tuesday….

“We resumed practice today [Wednesday] and the league did not hand out fines to myself or to the organization for that particular violation.”

Eberflus chalked the mishap up to the players being overzealous, at the end of the day.

“It’s just being under control,” said Eberflus. “It’s like I said, ‘Be quick but not in a hurry’. Body control, being able to stay on your feet, and knowing the tempo.”

The Bears’ new head coach believes in intense practices, but right now, he wants the intensity to remain mental and in regard to focus. Not physical.

“The hustle can be there, and it is,” said Eberflus. “The focus part of intensity can be there, but not the physical part. Until we get to pads. Once we get the pads on in training camp, that’s when we’re going to focus on how we’re going to play that intensity piece.”

The good news? Monday provided the Bears with a really good practice, at least.

“We thought, as a staff and the players would attest to this, that it was our best practice coming off the break,” said Eberflus.

Maybe chalk up the lost OTA as just a day off and move on?

You can watch Eberflus’ full press conference, below:

Featured image via Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports