Matt Eberflus is in the midst of a disappointing, yet expected season with the Chicago Bears.

The rebuilding Bears weren’t destined for sudden success this season, due to the ongoing significant construction the organization is undergoing at this very moment. But Bears fans would rather see their team win than lose, so these results have surely caused some frustration for the fans.

With such little to play for this season — aside from any potential developmental work that can be accomplished — the simple conclusion would be that these remaining games have no meaning.

But that’s where you might be wrong.

The Bears — along with the rest of the NFL — are participating in a movement called My Cause My Cleats. It’s a weekend where NFL players can wear customized cleats to bring attention to a cause that means a great deal to them.

However, just because the weekend is relegated to players on the surface, doesn’t mean the coaches can’t get in on the fun as well.

Take Matt Eberflus for example, who’s using this weekend to bring attention to a very important cause. But he won’t be wearing customized cleats, instead he’ll be wearing customized footwear.

This is a very touching move by Eberflus.

The cause is very important, so getting the chance to bring attention to it is an opportunity I’m sure he’s grateful for.

This is just one of the many opportunities that players and coaches will have this weekend to shed light on important causes. It isn’t an opportunity players get often, but you can bet they’re grateful for the chance to take it and use it wisely to the best of their ability.

Featured image via Matt Marton-USA TODAY Sports

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