Kyler Gordon hasn’t exactly gotten off to a pretty start with the Chicago Bears.

The second round pick in the 2022 NFL Draft was brought in to shore up the corner room alongside young standout Jaylon Johnson.

But instead of immediately giving the Bears instant gratification for selecting him over lets say, an extra receiver to pair with Darnell Mooney, Gordon has displayed some uninspiring performances to start his NFL career.

To be fair, every rookie needs time to become acclimated to the NFL. Especially rookies in the secondary, as the variation in talent from the college level to the professional is vast, and takes some time to get used to.

These struggles rarely escape from the most talented of amateur prospects in the secondary as well, so it’s no surprise that Gordon is working through some struggles at this point in time.

But when a draft selection has a high round label to their name, and is also picked over prospects that could give the Bears some much needed help offensively, fans expect excellence and very little mistakes — even if those demands are rather unreasonable and downright unnecessary in nature.

It’s why Gordon has received so much criticism this season and why many are ready to see some sort of consistency and improvement from the young cornerback out of Washington.

However, despite the early outside noise growing in quantity, head coach Matt Eberflus thinks Gordon has been fine to start the year. And that’s despite some rough looking play early on.

“Solid,” Eberflus responded when asked about Gordon’s play so far. “I think he’s building upon his experiences and I think that’s the biggest thing he can do.”

That’s some encouraging praise from Eberflus, who has taken an approach of keeping praise of his players in the public eye.

It’s clear Eberflus wants him out there as well, since the new head coach hasn’t wavered in throwing him out on the field regardless of how many rough moments he’s had and will have over the duration of his rookie season.

Gordon needs reps to learn from his experiences. That’s how you grow as a player, as a coach, heck even as an ordinary citizen working a taxing nine to five. Eberflus seems to be aware of that, and Bears fans should be proud of that, since the development of younger talents should be near the top of this team’s list of priorities.

Not reaching for an unfathomable amount of wins that this team has a very low chance of securing.

Featured image via Scott Galvin-USA TODAY Sports