To the surprise of no one, Justin Fields has struggled through the Chicago Bears‘ first two games of the season.

He’s been sacked a lot, has been under a lot of pressure from opposing defenses, and hasn’t been able to light a spark for a Bears offense that looks lost so far this season.

These struggles have led to some calling for the early plug on Fields — albeit an unrealistic and unreasonable demand — and have many questioning the true end game with Fields in Chicago.

He isn’t being asked to pass much, instead being told to rely on the run game to make his situation easier as a passer. But that plan hasn’t worked well so far this season, which is why some national pundits are beginning to get concerned about Fields moving forward.

You can count Marc Sessler of as one of the concerned individuals, as he dropped Fields six spots in his latest quarterback index.

Fields tossed 11 passes for 70 yards, threw a pick and lost 22 yards on three sacks in a spartan loss to the Packers. The Bears were at their best when David Montgomery began plowing through Green Bay to give Chicago new life. Was it in the attack’s best interest to dial up Fields on fourth-and-goal from the 1-yard line — he was stuffed — with Montgomery playing so well? Fields made a few plays against the Niners in the opener but is struggling behind one of the league’s worst lines.

Unless something drastic occurs, Fields will continue to struggle.

He’ll continue to fall down quarterback rankings and lose favor with the ones that sang his praises from the day he became a Chicago Bear.

Featured image via Mike De Sisti-USA TODAY NETWORK