The Chicago Bears hoped that tackling the major challenge that is the current rebuild would be the main focus of the offseason and eventually, the 2022 season.

But, of course, this is the NFL. Life doesn’t work that way.

The Bears have found themselves mired in a current standoff with All-Pro linebacker Roquan Smith. Smith took the Bears to task on Wednesday when he released a very pointed note that essentially said it was up to the McCaskeys, alone, to fix things.

Now, it’s all about where things go from here. One Bears player, first-team All-Pro and three-time Pro Bowler Robert Quinn knows exactly where he stands.

“It’s a game,” said Quinn as he summarized the business side of the NFL to reporters on Wednesday. ” … You don’t get a lot of opportunities to sign a new contract. So, I’m sure he wants to get as much as possible. Respectfully, I think he deserves it, too.”

Quinn wants Smith back in the lineup, too; but, as he mentioned, players have to understand that there is an unforgiving business side to the NFL.

And players have to learn how to play the game.

“Yea, I would love to,” Quinn told reporters Wednesday. “I’d love to have him in this building, but it’s a business and well, I’m not his agent or him. So, that’s outta my control, too.

“I’d definitely love to see him stay in this building. But, I understand the business side, too.”

Fortunately, the Bears have a veteran like Quinn who’s been through something like this before. In regard to on the field, knows exactly how to handle the situation, as well.

“We’re still out there practicing,” said Quinn. “We don’t know what’s going to happen, but we still have to prepare ourselves to get ready to play football for the upcoming season. That’s between him and the upstairs to figure out, but you know, [linebacker] Nick [Morrow] and the guys who are out there calling the plays – we still gotta all prepare.

“Whoever’s out there, we’ve gotta prepare like we’re going to be the starters and this is our group. Again, we’d love to have Roquan and the situation settled, but that’s above my pay grade.”

And he knows that at the end of the day, it won’t be a distraction.

“No, not really,” Quinn said when asked if a distraction like this has ever carried into the season. “I know that when I was with the Rams, AD [Aaron Donald] did it and it can’t be a distraction, but it all got figured out. He got what he deserved and got what he deserved again.

“It’s an opportunity to take care of your family and all that good stuff, so you don’t want to sell yourself short. Not a lot of people get to sign new contracts and if you’re one of the best at your position, you want to make sure you sign a well-compensated contract.”

11 years in the NFL will teach a player a lot of things. And while Quinn knows the business landscape surrounding the NFL, he also knows his boy deserves what he’s worth.

And I’m sure he’s hoping the Bears soon realize that, themselves.

You can check out Quinn’s full presser, below:

Featured image via Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports