CHICAGO – A lot of people expect the driver of the Bears offense in Justin Fields to be the catalyst behind an offensive turnaround in 2022 – and with good reason.

However, it’s the guy giving him directions in offensive coordinator Luke Getsy who determines how far the offense goes.

That’s because Getsy is the architect of the new-look Bears offense and it will be up to him to put his players in the best position possible to succeed, which is something the former coaching staff did not do.

And as we all saw, that turned out terribly.

Now, granted, the bottom line is that it’s on the players to execute, but it’s going to be hard for them to do that if the play call isn’t properly aligned with what’s happening on the field.

Getsy is in Chicago to keep that from happening, again. The problem is, there are a lot of holes and questions on the Bears’ current roster. Getsy is going to have to his due diligence in the most extreme of ways in order to figure out who gives him the best shot at putting the most effective offense on the field.

However, if there’s someone who can do it, it’s the Bears’ new offensive coordinator who helped coach Aaron Rodgers to back-to-back MVPs.

How the players perform is huge when it comes to the overall success of the offense, but it’s Getsy approach toward the players and the roots of his process that are the real keys to success.

“I would just say he’s [Getsy’s] rooted in fundamentals and technique,” Matt Eberflus told reporters Wednesday. “When he’s coaching the quarterbacks you can tell that. When he’s coaching the receivers you can tell that. Those are really his two expertise positions and you can really see the detail, there.

“And he’s been working with all those guys. From the receivers to the quarterbacks [and] tight ends. Route-running, and the timing of the passing game, all the way to the ball-handling by the quarterback. Just details. I’m more excited now than when I hired him.”

That’s another key: Getsy isn’t just the offensive coordinator. He’s also working with all the major components of the passing game.

And as Eberflus notes, that can only be a good thing.

“I think that’s a good spot for an OC, I really do,” said Eberflus. “To have mastered both those positions and all those pieces in the passing game, I think it’s really valuable to have. And he has that. He’s done a great job at both those positions.”

There’s been noted progress so far during the offseason, which is only the start. Sure, there is a very long way to go. But if the process is solid, the results will eventually come. And from what we’ve seen in Green Bay over the last couple of years and based off what Eberflus is saying, Getsy’s process is more than solid.

Yes, the Bears offense is a major question mark heading into the season, but the unit definitely has a chance to shock people if Getsy turns out as advertised.

You can check out Eberflus’ full press conference, below:

Featured image via Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports