It’s no secret that the Chicago Bears‘ passing attack falls far below the standards Chicago wants it to meet.

More than not, its been a complete obstacle instead of a strength for the Bears’ offense. And although the passing game hasn’t affected their run game yet, it could in the near future if it doesn’t begin to pose a threat to opposing defenses soon.

But to get an idea on just how poor the passing attack has been, we can rely on a handy stat known as EPA — or Expected Points Added — which can measure efficiency.

The Bears’ passing attack was measured recently using EPA, and let’s just say their ranking through three weeks isn’t looking good.

This passing attack needs to find a pulse quickly. It starts with the coaching staff, but the responsibility will ultimately fall on the shoulders of Justin Fields and the rest of the offense.

If a pulse can’t be found, this season will begin to spiral sooner than expected.

Featured image Daniel Bartel-USA TODAY Sports