The Chicago Bears have seen a lot of change this offseason and one former Super Bowl champion doesn’t think the franchise is any better for it.

At all.

ESPN analyst and former No. 1 overall draft pick Keyshawn Johnson recently had some strong words regarding the current state of the Bears. More specifically – their roster.

“But here’s what I would say, having a new coach come in in Eberflus – they don’t have to hurry anything up,” Johnson recently said on ESPN. “They just gotta protect their quarterback and make sure he’s healthy for the future. And much like Jeremy said, it’s all about the future and the money, the draft picks – things of that nature.

“Because quite frankly, this roster sucks. It’s just the reality of it. It’s not a good roster. There’s no players there. I mean, think about it: they’ve only got two or three players that could probably start for another team. Two, maybe three. And that’s it.”

Let’s go through the Bears roster and see if Johnson is right

Those are some really strong words from Johnson. Let’s see if he’s right:


Obviously, it’s still early, but one can consider Justin Fields a starter in this league. Both of his backups have started games, too, but they aren’t considered starters.

Starters: 1

Running back

David Montgomery is a viable starter in this league. Khalil Herbert carried the load well when needed last year, but we need to see him do it for a full year before labeling him starting-material.

Starters: 1

Wide receiver

Darnell Mooney recorded 1,000 receiving yards last year. Think he’s not a starter?

Starters: 1

Tight end

Cole Kmet is an up-and-coming tight end and is most certainly a starter due to his receiving skills and blocking ability.

Starters: 1

Offensive line

Cody Whitehair has started 95 games over the course of his career and made the Pro Bowl in 2019. Lucas Patrick has started 28 games over the last two seasons.

Starters: 2

Defensive line (interior and end)

Robert Quinn just set the Bears franchise record for most sacks in a season and is an All-Pro and Pro Bowler. Al-Quadin Muhammad recorded 6.0 sacks while he was a starter under Eberflus in Indianapolis in 2021 and will have that same role this year. Trevis Gipson recorded 7.0 sacks in nine starts last season and is expected to replace Khalil Mack on the opposite side of Quinn.

Starters: 3

Linebacker (inside and out)

Roquan Smith is obviously a starter. The jury is still out on Nicholas Morrow.

Starters: 1


Jaylon Johnson is easily a No. 2 corner -even No. 1 in some cases- on most teams in the NFL. Things remain to be seen with Kyler Gordon, obviously.

Starters: 1


Eddie Jackson isn’t the same player that we saw in 2018, but he’s still a starter on most teams. Rinse and repeat Jaquan Brisker’s status with that of Gordon’s.

Starters: 1

As we can see, Johnson is clearly off about the Bears only having two or three starters on their roster. In my humble opinion, they have more around 12, which is a decent amount. While the Bears may not have the strongest roster, it certainly doesn’t “suck”, as Johnson states.

But it’s July and this is time where most talk goes to die. September is when everything really starts to matter, anyway.