The Chicago Bears are looking to make some waves in 2022, but there’s a chance it could come back and bite them if they do in fact have some type of measured success.

For starters, this primarily means if they have a lot of success on offense. And, why is that you ask?

Well, if offensive coordinator Luke Getsy is able to take the 2022 Bears offense and make it into just a formidable unit, he could very well find a head coaching job somewhere.

Which could hurt Justin Fields’ long-term development.

A third offensive coordinator in as many years -especially a quarterback’s first years- is typically a death sentence for young signal-callers in the NFL. It’s already hard enough to learn one system, much less three in as many years. This doesn’t mean that there’s little-to-no hope for Fields – it’s just an obstacle you don’t want to see your young QB go through.

While it would probably take a big year from the Bears offense in order for this to happen, there are two factors that could push this into overdrive: a) the fact there isn’t a high bar in regard to offensive production to begin with and b) Getsy comes from the Matt LaFleur/Kyle Shanahan/Sean McVay forest, meaning, teams are much more likely to give him a bit of a head start since he comes from such a prestigious background.

Just look at Kevin O’Connell, the Minnesota Vikings’ new head coach. His first year as an OC with the Washington Commanders in 2019 saw the franchise finish dead last in points scored and second-to-last in yards gained as it limped to a 3-13 record. He was then hired by McVay to run the Rams offense for the last two seasons and now he’s head coach of the Vikings.

It doesn’t take what it usually does to get hired if a coach comes from the extended family.

Don’t get it twisted: This potential situation shouldn’t keep people from wanting the Bears to have success in 2022. But, at the same time, it’s certainly something to keep in mind when the team takes the field over the following months.

Featured image via Mike Dinovo-USA TODAY Sports