The Chicago Bears selected Baylor running back Tresten Ebner with the No. 203 overall selection (round six) in the 2022 NFL Draft.

Ebner is a return specialist who will compete with rookie wide receiver Velus Jones, the Bears’ third-round draft pick, for a special teams role in 2022.

On draft night, Chicago called Ebner to let him know they were selecting him in the sixth round.

The only problem was that Ebner’s phone wasn’t working. The Bears called multiple times but never got an answer. Chicago ended up calling Ebner’s sister to let him know he was being drafted.

“I’m out in the country and we’re having a draft party and my agent was calling me [saying] ‘your phone’s not working,'” said Ebner.

The former Baylor standout said his agent had tried to call him multiple times before finally getting an answer. Ebner then went outside, presumably to get better reception.

“My sister runs up to me and that’s how I knew (that he had been drafted),” explained Ebner. “Her phone worked, mine didn’t.”

“The Bears called my sister….she told my agent, ‘they might as well pick me, my phone works.'”

It all worked out in the end for Ebner, but this hilarious story shows how hectic draft night can be.

Hopefully for Ebner’s sake, he gets better cell phone service in Chicago.

Featured image via David Banks-USA TODAY Sports