The Chicago Bears agreed to release quarterback Nick Foles on Saturday evening.

Foles, a former Super Bowl MVP, was traded to the Bears before the 2020 season. He made eight starts for Chicago over the last two years, going 3-5 in those games.

The Bears had been trying to trade Foles this offseason after signing Trevor Siemian to serve as the backup to starting quarterback Justin Fields.

Chicago didn’t have to release Foles. They could’ve continued to search for a trade partner — which should’ve been easier now that the 2022 NFL Draft has finished.

Instead, general manager Ryan Poles decided to release Foles so the veteran quarterback could be the one to choose his next destination.

According to Foles’ agent, it’s a gesture that was greatly appreciated by the former Arizona quarterback.

Not all teams/general managers operate in this manner. The Bears were under no obligation to release Foles without getting some sort of compensation (likely a late-round draft pick).

Poles, however, understands that just because Foles is a football player, doesn’t mean he’s not also a human.

These are the types of personnel decisions that players across the league will notice. Free agents will want to play for an organization that treats players the right way.

The NFL is ultimately a massive business. And it’s not always possible for general managers to make these types of moves. But in this specific situation, Poles was able to make it work.

It’s clear that Poles wants the Bears to be a classy organization that operates with integrity.

I’d say he’s off to a good start.

Featured image via David Banks-USA TODAY Sports