Former Chicago Bears offensive coordinator Mike Martz needs to immediately apologize for his awful take about quarterback Justin Fields.

Martz, for whatever reason, must have something personal against Fields, because he said some complete nonsense about him recently.

He called Fields completely awful and said he deflated the whole team. Martz also said he couldn’t “do anything at all”.

“I’ve never seen anything about this kid that’s encouraging at all,” said Martz.

Watch the video for yourself — it’s even worse hearing Martz say the words.

Martz, who was the Bears’ offensive coordinator from 2010 to 2011, sounds like a bitter old man in that clip.

Did he even watch Chicago’s game against the 49ers or did he just look at the box score?

Because, sure, Fields’ stat line didn’t look great.

But there are two reasons why that doesn’t matter:

  1. The Bears won the game against the 49ers, a game that no one thought they’d win
  2. Every player on the field could’ve got in a canoe and spent the afternoon rowing around the field if they wanted. That’s how much it rained during that game.

Prime of his career Peyton Manning or Aaron Rodgers would’ve struggled in that weather. Anyone would’ve.

Of course, no one in the Bears’ locker room cares about what Martz thinks. Fields’ teammates love him. He’s an unquestioned leader.

But even though no one in that locker room cares what Martz thinks, he should still apologize. Because the things he said about Fields, a second-year quarterback who had to live through playing under Matt Nagy, are some of the most disrespectful things I’ve ever heard a former coach say about a player.

Featured image via Jon Durr-USA TODAY Sports