Chicago Bears quarterback Justin Fields did something in the preseason opener against the Kansas City Chiefs that offensive coordinator Luke Getsy didn’t like at all.

Fields completed 4-of-7 passes for 48 yards before exiting the Bears’ 19-14 win over the Chiefs this past weekend.

There was one particular play from Fields that received a lot of attention after the game.

At one point, Fields took off running and decided to slide. The Chiefs defender hit Fields in the middle of his slide, but no flag was thrown on the play despite it happening right in front of the officials.

Getsy was upset with the play, but it wasn’t because Fields got hit late and it wasn’t called. Instead, Getsy was upset because he felt like Fields took off running too quickly.

“He vacated too quickly,” said Getsy after the game (via The Athletic). “He skipped No. 2 in the progression. He kind of went left, right and they took away No. 1. That was a great job by him of getting back. (But) I think he got out of there a little too quick. That was the one play, honestly, that I wish we had back for him…I love the decision to slide, obviously, but he had a chance to maybe hang in there just a tick longer.”

While Getsy didn’t love that specific play, he still feels extremely positive about Fields moving forward.

“Then I think the more he plays this year, the better he’s going to get that feeling,” explained Getsy. “Pocket presence is not an easy thing to teach. But he’s got the toughness and the guts to do it. When you’re evaluating quarterbacks, that’s one of the first things I’m looking for, somebody to have that willingness to stand in there, make your throw with your feet in the ground, and get smacked in the jaw. He definitely has that.”

This might be Fields’ second year in the NFL, but this season is going to feel a lot like he’s a rookie. That’s because he’s having to learn a new offense while playing under a new head coach. He also has very few weapons at his disposal, which could also make this season a challenge.

The last thing the Bears need this season is Fields getting hurt. That makes it even more important that he only uses his feet when absolutely necessary this season.

Featured image via Mike Dinovo-USA TODAY Sports