The Chicago Bears are in the midst of an abnormal offensive revolution, at least according to traditional organizational standards.

For years, this franchise has aligned itself with running the football to supply their success offensively, with a passing game to branch off the success of the initial ground game.

Its brought them some success — including their last Super Bowl appearance in the 2006-2007 season — but not nearly the same amount of success as the franchise’s run of titles in the 1970s and 1980s.

So when the Bears unintentionally announced their hellbent intention to retain the same mantra that has stuck with the franchise for over half a century, some fans weren’t all that excited.

And for good reason.

But these days, the mantra was has been met with so much vitriol in the past, has given fans a more pleasing offensive product for consumption in the past three to four weeks.

The man you can thank for that is offensive coordinator Luke Getsy, who has seemingly turned the scheme upside down, and has begun shaping it around the unique skills of young quarterback Justin Fields.

Under Getsy’s guidance, the Bears have scored at least 29 points in their last four games, a stat that’s simply unheard of for a Bears offense. But with this success, comes attention from across the league.

And in Getsy’s case, head coaching attention.

NFL Network’s Tom Pelissero unveiled his list of young head coaches to watch. And as you’d expect, Getsy’s name appears on the list. However, his placement isn’t the thing that should concern Bears fans, at least initially.

It’s his name being connected to a specific hiring cycle — the upcoming one after this season — that should cause Bears fans to bite their nails with anxiety.

Getsy is now in his first year on Matt Eberflus’ staff in Chicago, overseeing a breakout season for young QB Justin Fields. The Bears have found ways to be productive in spite of their personnel shortcomings amidst a rebuild, and just as important, they’re building a culture on offense. The Broncos interviewed Getsy last year and came away impressed.

If Getsy was getting head coaching interviews last season, you can only imagine the requests teams will make due to the success Getsy has had this season in a situation some call one of the worst offensive personnel situations in the league.

There’s no guarantee that Getsy will receive a head coaching offer. But it’s clear the league has caught wind of Getsy’s work and that only spells trouble in regards to Getsy staying on the staff for much longer.

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