Some Pittsburgh Steelers fans are throwing shade at the Chicago Bears this week and they might have a good point.

Steelers fans seem to think they fleeced the Bears in the Chase Claypool trade.

Chicago gave Pittsburgh a second-round draft pick in the deal for Claypool earlier this month.

And Steelers fans feel like it was a steal for Pittsburgh.

Claypool has five receptions for 32 yards in three games since the trade.

That’s obviously not what Chicago was hoping for when they gave up a second-round selection for Claypool.

The initial reaction from some Bears fans is probably that it’s still too early in Claypool’s tenure with Chicago to judge him. I get that to some extent. But he’s been with the team for almost a month and he hasn’t been able to make an impact at all.

Over Claypool’s first two and a half years in the NFL, he’s shown himself to be a middle-of-the-road wide receiver that doesn’t have the star quality to be a No. 1 wide receiver in the NFL.

And while a second-round pick isn’t going to get a Davante Adams or Tyreek Hill-type player, it should fetch a better return than a player who catches five passes for 32 yards in three games.

(By the way, if you think it’s asking a lot for Claypool to make an impact in three games, just go look at how Kadarius Toney has played for the Chiefs after getting traded from the Giants. He nearly doubled Claypool’s production in just one game.)

This might have been a big misstep by Bears general manager Ryan Poles. But that’s not necessarily a shot at Poles. Remember, the Green Bay Packers also offered a second-round pick for Claypool.

That probably won’t make Chicago fans feel any better, though. Regardless of who else offered a similar deal for Claypool, the Bears still likely wasted a second-round pick by making this trade.

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