The Chicago Bears suffered a tough loss to the Atlanta Falcons on Sunday.

Chicago fell to the Falcons after Atlanta hit a 53-yard field goal late in the game. That field goal would be the final score in the Bears’ 27-24 loss.

One of the reasons Chicago lost is because Atlanta was somewhat able to contain quarterback Justin Fields.

After rushing for 325 yards combined in the previous two games, Fields was held to 85 rushing yards on 18 carries against the Falcons (Fields averaged 4.7 yards per carry against Atlanta after averaging 11.6 yards per carry the previous two weeks).

Falcons players acknowledged that stopping Fields wasn’t easy.

“It was hard,” said defensive lineman Abdullah Anderson after the game. “He’s a great player. I think us working together and taking this forward is how we have to rush.”

“It definitely was tiring…he was doing a good job trying to keep plays alive and making plays on the run,” added defensive lineman Grady Jarrett.

Slowing Fields down is certainly the secret to beating the Bears.

Chicago, however, shouldn’t be too concerned about the fact that Atlanta was able to slow down their star quarterback.

That’s because Fields understands how and why the Falcons were able to defend him so well.

“With their defensive ends and their zone reads, they were just mesh-charged rather than letting me read their D-ends and get around them,” said Fields after the loss. “That’s kind of how they handled the zone read game and they were playing a lot of quarters. Just to have that safety come down and help in the run game. That was the biggest thing they did in the run game.”

Fields saw what Atlanta was doing and he’ll learn and grow from it. He’ll know how to beat that type of defensive approach with his legs in the future.

This is part of the growing process for Fields. He’s still at a point in his career where he’s seeing new things each week. This is just something he had to experience. And now he’ll be a better player because of it.

Not every loss is bad — especially in a rebuilding year. There’s a lot of information that Fields and the Bears learned from the loss to Atlanta that will help this team in the future.

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