The Chicago Bears are off to a 2-1 start this season, which is likely a better start than most fans expected, but it hasn’t necessarily been pretty.

Chicago beat the Houston Texans 23-20 this past weekend almost entirely because of their running game.

The Bears averaged 7.0 yards per carry against the Texans while rushing for 281 total yards on 40 attempts.

If not for the success in the running game, Chicago probably doesn’t win that game.

That’s because quarterback Justin Fields had a pretty terrible day. The former Ohio State standout completed just 8-of-17 passes for 106 yards, 0 touchdowns, and two interceptions. His QBR was just 19.4 on the day.

Obviously, that’s not ideal.

And what’s most concerning is that Fields had guys open, he just didn’t get them the ball.

This play, in particular, shows Fields missing multiple open receivers. He picked up the first down with his legs, but it should’ve never come to that.

Fields’ legs can and should be a weapon for the Bears. But if he’s going to be an above-average starting quarterback in the NFL, he can’t miss open receivers as he did against the Texans. Against a better team, that won’t fly.

I’m not saying I’m out on Fields by any means. I still think he’s an immensely talented quarterback that’s oozing with potential. But I’m going to need to see some development from him moving forward. If these same issues keep reoccurring, it’s going to get to the point where folks ask if he’s capable of making the reads that a pro quarterback has to make.

This is a rebuilding year, so it’s fine that Fields is going through some growing pains. But he’s got to make some progress this season if folks are going to feel good about the Bears in 2023.

Featured image via Daniel Bartel-USA TODAY Sports