One of the narratives surrounding the Cincinnati Bengals after their 0-2 start to the season is that quarterback Joe Burrow holds the ball too long and that’s why the team is struggling.

The thought is that Burrow holding onto the ball too long is why the Bengals are giving up so many sacks.

It’s certainly part of the reason — not every sack this season has been on Cincy’s offensive line.

But what folks don’t understand is that Burrow holding onto the ball also results in some great plays for the Bengals.

And that’s exactly what happened in the first quarter on Sunday against the New York Jets.

If Burrow doesn’t make that play, then Cincinnati has to settle for a field goal.

But instead of throwing it away, Burrow scrambled, made a play, and the Bengals put seven on the board.

Burrow might take some necessary sacks, but it’s worth it when he makes plays like that.

Featured image via Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports