CINCINNATI – Bengals head coach Zac Taylor spoke with the media Monday about the upcoming draft and per the usual, was hit with a barrage of questions.

One of those questions was centered around the best prospect he’s ever watched on tape. With players like Joe Burrow, Ja’Marr Chase, Sam Hubbard, and others on the Bengals roster, it seemed logical -and almost expected- that Taylor would name one of those guys.

But he didn’t. Instead, he named a player who hasn’t played football since the 2018 season.

“For me, specifically, probably Andrew Luck,” Taylor told reporters. “He was just the total package. Size, speed, strength, football IQ, intangibles, background, productivity at Stanford – I mean, he was the total package. Great player.”

A reporter responded with a “What about Joe Burrow?” follow-up and Taylor immediately walked his initial answer back.

“See, I wasn’t thinking about my own players,” Taylor said playfully as the gaggle laughed. “That would definitely be the answer. That’s a horrible answer by me, because he  absolutely is the answer to that, but I’m thinking more of the guys I scouted as a position coach, I guess.

“I revise my answer. It’s Joe Burrow and then Andrew Luck. Make sure that’s in your stories.”

It was a funny moment where it honestly seemed as if Taylor forgot about Burrow’s legendary run at LSU for a minute, but it was only a simple misunderstanding of perception that turned out to be humorous, as well.

And Taylor certainly gave Joey B. his props, later on.

“The guy [Burrow] never lost [and he] shattered every record known to man,” Taylor said. “[It’s the] easiest decision we’ve ever made [and] I think you all agree.”

You can watch the full interview with Taylor, below. The Luck/Burrow moment comes around 34:11.

Featured image via Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports