CINCINNATI – The Bengals are wrapping up their final week of OTAs before training camp begins in late July, which means the season is just around the corner.

And Bengals quarterback -and star- Joe Burrow knows that. It’s why he’s prepped and ready to take a shot at another Super Bowl run in 2022.

“We’re locked in now. It’s go time,” Burrow said Tuesday. “We’re a month and a couple weeks off from camp. So, I’m locked in.”

Burrow’s mindset is exactly where it needs to be at this time of the year: in-between the hashmarks.

Not in a literal way, though, of course.

“I’m thinking about football everyday,” said Burrow. “This month leading up to camp, I’m feeling more intense out there in practice, I’m feeling more intense in the meeting rooms and in my workouts and all of the above.

“It’s go time. “

The intensity and the pressure will be ramped up for Burrow and the Bengals in 2022. That’s what comes when a team gets just a few plays away from winning the Super Bowl and then subsequently bolster its roster after the championship run.

However, the loser of the big game often disappoints the next year for a variety of reasons. Burrow tried to affirm the Bengals won’t suffer through any kind of Super Bowl hangover, although that remains to be seen, in reality. “We’re motivated every year,” said Burrow.

From here on out is when the real grind of an NFL season begins. But fortunately, Burrow has the right people around to where it’s not all seriousness and hard work.

“We got a great locker room full of guys that you want to be around everyday,” said Burrow. “When you have those kind of guys, it’s fun coming into work everyday.”

And of course, head coach Zac Taylor backs Burrow’s message.

“That’s a great message for our team,” Taylor told reporters. “Physically, you need to come back and be in the best shape of your life when we hit training camp. So, when your leadership is making those statements, it trickles down to the entirety of the roster. And if they want to keep up, they have to get on that level.

“That’s what we want as a team [and] that’s where we want to get to. And we just gotta be prepared on the first day of training camp rolls around [to where] we don’t skip a beat.”

It’s the perfect mindset for this team, as whole: dedicated, motivated, and ready to work, but at the same time, still staying loose and having fun in the process.

For a Bengals team that’s going to be under the microscope, that’s about as good as it gets this time of year.

You can check out Burrow’s full press conference, below:

Featured image via Kareem Elgazzar/The Enquirer / USA TODAY NETWORK