Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow is becoming a pop culture icon.

Obviously, that doesn’t win games, but it’s still wild to see a Bengals quarterback become one of the most popular figures in the nation.

Burrow is quickly becoming such a key part of pop culture that he’s becoming extremely recognizable to non-football fans.

And that’s going to continue thanks to his growing friendship with rapper Kid Cudi, one of Burrow’s favorite musicians.

Kid Cudi has a new album dropping on September 30 and the name of one of the tracks is “Burrow”.

The title is obviously an ode to the Bengals quarterback.

It’ll be interesting, however, to hear the content of the song. Will it actually be about Burrow? Will it reference any of his impressive achievements? Or is it just the title and that’s the only reference to Burrow?

I guess we’ll all find out together in a couple of days when the calendar flips to September 30.

Featured image via Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports