Cincinnati Bengals rookie Abu Daramy-Swaray, a cornerback out of Colgate, recently appeared on “The 513 Podcast” and told one of the best Joe Burrow stories you’ll ever hear.

Daramy-Swaray, who made Cincinnati’s roster earlier this spring after a rookie minicamp tryout, detailed meeting Burrow for the first time during his appearance on the podcast.

The 26-year-old rookie said he was in the bathroom the first time he met the star quarterback.

According to Daramy-Swaray, Burrow knew his name, where he went to school, and what the weather was like at Colgate.

“He is one hell of a leader,” said Daramy-Swaray. “I met Joe while I was on the urinal. He knew my name, he knew what college I went to, and he knew what the weather was like there. I was the last guy on the team signed and he’s basically the No. 1 guy on our team. For him to go out of his way — to find out who I am — meant so much to me. That’s how I knew this guy is a great leader.”

We’ve heard a ton of stories about Burrow being a great leader since his days at LSU. But it never gets old hearing these types of stories.

Burrow’s elite leadership is what truly makes him a great quarterback. He has great physical skills, but his intangibles are what puts him on a different level than most quarterbacks.

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