When an NFL team is going through training camp, it needs all the bodies it can get.

The Cincinnati Bengals currently have 88 players on the roster, but that’s actually an advantage.

Because if a rookie isn’t performing as expected, or if a veteran isn’t looking like his usual self, or if a player that had a breakout season the year prior isn’t taking the next step – whatever scenario you wanna apply. If the Bengals are experiencing personnel issues outside of injury then they can bring in whomever they want without releasing a rostered player.

The Bengals also have a good amount of cap space (9th-most), so money wouldn’t be an issue if a veteran comes available at some point or if they want to give one that’s been available for a while a shot.

Only about a dozen teams have less than the limit of 90 players, so the Bengals are in are in the minority. But if they have to play their cards and they do it right, it could easily turn into an even bigger advantage.

Featured image via Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports