Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Tyler Boyd had the best quote of the weekend after his team’s 37-30 win against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Boyd was asked by All Bengals’ James Rapien after the game on Sunday about the Cincinnati offense and how it was able to score 37 points on the road against a tough Steelers defense.

And his answer was pure gold.

“We got Joe Burrow,” said Boyd. “As long as we got Joe Burrow, he’s going to put us in a position to win.”

It’s easy to forget that Burrow is still in just the beginning stages of his career. He hasn’t even come close to reaching his full potential.

Despite that fact, Burrow is talked about by his teammates like he’s Patrick Mahomes or Aaron Rodgers.

Not only does this show what kind of talent Burrow has, but it also shows what kind of leader he’s been for the Bengals.

There was plenty of talk about Burrow’s leadership abilities when he was coming out of LSU. Some folks felt like those qualities were exaggerated a bit. But he’s quickly shown everyone that he’s an elite leader. And if anyone doubts that, just point them to Boyd’s comments on Sunday.

Featured image via USA TODAY Sports