The NFL made a major mistake on Monday and it involves the Cincinnati Bengals.

On Monday, the NFL announced that the week 15 matchup between the Washington Commanders and the New York Giants is being moved from the 4 PM ET time slot to the 8:20 PM ET time slot (Sunday Night Football on ESPN).–UYzuGmQ

The NFL definitely made the right decision to flex the Las Vegas Raiders vs New England Patriots game out of the Sunday night time slot.

But they moved the wrong game into prime time.

If the NFL was smart, they would’ve flexed the Bengals’ game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to the Sunday night time slot in week 15.

That would’ve been a perfect primetime matchup. The Bengals and the Bucs are both in division races. That alone is a great storyline.

What makes it even more compelling, though, is that it’s a matchup between Joe Burrow and Tom Brady.

When it comes to attitude, leadership, and competitiveness, Burrow is the closest thing we’ve seen to Brady. And with Brady nearing retirement, this matchup is set up to be a “changing of the guard” in some ways.

Now, I’m not predicting that Burrow is going to go out and win seven Super Bowls, but the former LSU star is the perfect candidate to take the torch from Brady as the top quarterback in the NFL (sorry Patrick Mahomes, you’re 0-3 against Burrow).

The NFL had an easy call to make here and they missed it. So instead of watching a future Hall of Famer take on a potential future Hall of Famer in primetime, we get Taylor Heinicke against Daniel Jones.

Not exactly a marquee quarterback matchup…

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