A random Buffalo Bills fan tried to throw shade at Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow on social media this week and immediately got owned.

The fan was trying to make a point that Los Angeles Chargers quarterback Justin Herbert is a better passer than Burrow.

This video of a deep throw from Herbert while getting hit was presented as evidence.

That’s an impressive throw by Herbert. But Burrow has made plenty of similar throws. And folks in the comments were quick to remind the Bills fan of some of those throws from Burrow.

Check it out:

And then there was this one.

The Bills fan is probably right that Herbert has a more naturally talented arm than Burrow. But arm talent isn’t everything in the NFL. We’ve seen plenty of strong-armed quarterbacks fail to find success in the NFL.

Burrow has the intangibles — leadership abilities and competitiveness — that not all quarterbacks possess (at least not at the same level as Burrow).

Herbert is great. Burrow, however, is the better all-around quarterback. The fact he took the Bengals from four wins to the Super Bowl in just one season tells us all we need to know about Burrow as a quarterback.

Featured image via Kareem Elgazzar/The Enquirer / USA TODAY NETWORK