The Cincinnati Bengals‘ biggest issue so far this season has been offensive line play.

Cincinnati’s offensive line isn’t giving Joe Burrow a lot of time in the pocket, which has changed the way defenses are playing the former LSU quarterback.

Basically, opposing defenses are dropping extra defenders into coverage because they know they can get to Burrow by using just their defensive line.

It’s something that Burrow has noticed and he acknowledges that Cincinnati has to find a way to beat how defenses are approaching them.

“Teams are going to keep playing us in a soft zone until we prove that we can beat them that way,” said Burrow after the loss to the Cowboys. “So, we’re going to have to win a different way this year and we need to figure that out quickly so that we can get on the win column.”

One easy way to take advantage of the way defenses are playing the Bengals would be to start scheming up gameplans to attack the middle of the field and take advantage of the defenses giving up the underneath routes.

That’s why the Bengals should sign free agent wide receiver Cole Beasley, a player who thrives on underneath routes. He even gets creative with them on occasion.

Beasley could bring a new element to the Bengals’ offense. And as a result, Burrow could take his game to the next level.

The NFL is a copycat league. Teams have been watching how other teams attacked Cincinnati these first two weeks. And they’re going to do the same thing.

The Bengals have to prove they can beat teams in ways other than taking deep shots. Otherwise, it’ll be a long season for Cincy fans.

Beasley would immediately help Cincinnati’s offense become much harder to defend.

Featured image via Sam Greene-USA TODAY Sports