After holding the Buffalo Bills to just ten points in the NFL’s Divisional Round, there’s no way NFL teams are missing what Cincinnati Bengals defensive coordinator Lou Anarumo is doing, right?

It just can’t and shouldn’t go unnoticed. Anarumo has been so successful against the best of the best quarterbacks in the league without having one of the most talented defenses in the NFL.

He just proved it again on the road against Josh Allen’s Buffalo Bills!

Consider the following numbers allowed by the Bengals defense against the Bills offense:

  • 4-of-12 on third down.
  • 1-of-3 in the red zone.
  • 1 turnover.
  • 68.1 NFL passer rating for Josh Allen.

We’re talking about the same offense that finished second in DVOA, EPA/play, and points per drive this season, by the game. That’s the unit that didn’t stand a chance against the Bengals on Sunday.

And better yet, it’s not the first time Anarumo’s defense shines against top-tier quarterbacks. They’ve been doing so since last year.

That includes three solid performances against Patrick Mahomes and the now mythical “Drop 8” coverages and game plan against the Kansas City Chiefs.

It should be obvious to teams around the NFL by now.

Lou Anarumo should be a legit head coach candidate for any of the current vacancies around the league.

Of course, the Bengals DC has an uphill battle to face if he’s indeed interested in a position like that. The trend around the league clearly favors offensive-minded coaches as that side of the ball appears to be king in the modern NFL.

But he deserves legit looks as a head coach candidate because he keeps beating exactly those types of offenses! He does so with versatile defensive looks and creative coverages, too.

Bengals fans should get ready to say goodbye because any NFL team would be smart to give him a chance.

Next Sunday, Anarumo will face a banged-up version of Mahomes with a chance at another Super Bowl trip. In case it isn’t clear now, Anarumo has a chance to make another loud statement then.

Featured image via Sam Greene/The Enquirer / USA TODAY NETWORK

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