Cincinnati Bengals fans have known for a while now that Ja’Marr Chase is superhuman. That he’s “built different.”

From his days at LSU to that time in which he caught a miraculous 3rd and 27 pass from Joe Burrow to seal a dramatic win over the Kansas City Chiefs, the Bengals wide receiver has proven it time and time again.

As Chase prepares to make his comeback this weekend when Cincinnati hosts KC on Sunday, the #1 receiver outlined the odd timeline of his injury and left reporters and fans learning the same lesson again.

This guy can’t be human.

“I had a hairline hip fracture (which) took place in the New Orleans game. And I hyperextended my right leg on a touchdown,” Chase told reporters on Wednesday. “I thought it was maybe a glute or something regular. I just kept playing.”

The Bengals receiver indicated that he told team equipment trainers that he felt he shouldn’t be doing too much. But later in the week, he felt better and thought he could play against the Atlanta Falcons. So he did.

Chase led the Bengals with two touchdowns that day and totaled 130 yards in eight catches.

“By the time the game came my adrenaline was hyped and I felt good playing,” detailed Chase. “And then I did get hurt, again. Reaggravated again right before the half. I just felt it like popping, I couldn’t really walk, so I sat down.”

This is the NFL. Reaggravating an injury is quite common. Players are hurt most of the season yet find ways to play for better or for worse. One would’ve guessed the Bengals wide receiver would’ve exited the game after that especially since were up 28-17 at the half.

But Chase came back.

“I don’t know what’s wrong with me,” said Chase. “My adrenaline was going so I just didn’t want to come out. So I just stayed in.”

In other words, the Bengals wide receiver suffered a hairline fracture and managed to play two weeks before sitting out. How?

While there’s an argument to be made for the staff to be more careful with their players, the truth is there’s something awesome about Chase’s durability and desire to be on the field.

The Bengals wide receiver confirmed his labrum wasn’t torn in the injury.

Although he’s officially questionable for the game, the Bengals seem optimistic Chase will be back on the field on Sunday.

“I felt really good last week,” confided the star wideout. “I just want to give myself the right amount of time, I don’t want to ever rush anything.”

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