Five touchdowns in a single game carve out a special place for Joe Mixon in NFL History.

Only three players in the history of the league have scored six or more, a record the Cincinnati Bengals’ running back likely would’ve tied if the team had not pulled out Joe Burrow in the third quarter since the game was over at halftime.

But while Mixon didn’t tie that mark, his day was historic nevertheless.

In fact, he broke the franchise record for total touchdowns in a single game that collectively belonged to Larry Kinnebrew, Corey Dillon, and Marvin Jones.

The Bengals couldn’t have asked for better timing for Mixon’s explosion. With Ja’Marr Chase out for the second consecutive week, the Panthers knew they’d have to challenge the running game after Joe Burrow’s offense failed to fill Chase’s shoes last week.

Even though they saw it coming, it didn’t matter. Each of Mixon’s scores came against stacked boxes, per Next Gen Stats.

To go with his five touchdowns, the Bengals’ running back racked up 153 rushing yards for an outstanding average of 7 yards per attempt. And just in case that wasn’t enough, his 58 receiving yards were second in the team during a lopsided 42-21 win over the Carolina Panthers.

If you prefer advanced stats, the Bengals’ rushing attack was as efficient as you could ask for.

All of this unsurprisingly earned Mixon the game ball (which is going to his mom, according to his postgame press conference) but also a special space in the Bengals’ social media.

He’s now the team’s profile picture on Twitter.

Have a day, Joe Mixon.

The Bengals will go into the bye week 5-4 (same as last year!) trying to figure out how to sustain the success they found on the ground this weekend. After a few successful pass-happy showings, they’ve now proven they can run the football.

Now it’s about being able to do both in the same game.

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