It’s no secret that the Cincinnati Bengals have one of the most talented offenses in the NFL. The set of weapons at Joe Burrow’s disposal makes every fanbase nervous when they see it’s the Bengals on the schedule for the weekend.

However, there are things the coaching staff needs to fix. And if they’re to go on a deep playoff run again, they must be fixed now. Without taking any credit away from the 2021 Bengals – which would be disrespectful to a great team that made it work – it’s only objective to say it was a bumpy road. A lot of it had to do with decision-making.

Week 1 provided a glimpse at the fact that some of that hasn’t changed this season. A recent Twitter thread put together by Ollie Connolly, writer of Read Optional. In the thread, Connolly points out a troublesome, predictable trend from the Bengals’ offense.

Is that Joe Burrow under center? Get ready for the run. Nine out of ten times, that was the case on Sunday versus the Steelers. The result? A mediocre 20% success rate, well below the league’s average.

The Bengals’ tendencies caused that play in which T.J. Watt obliterated Joe Mixon after sniffing out the play that was coming his way. That wasn’t Watt destroying La’el Collins on pure talent rather than T.J. knowing exactly what was coming.

When the Bengals’ offense is held back, it’s usually because of a lack of aggressiveness and predictability. Rarely does it have to do – with the offensive line being a potential exception – with pure talent. Last year, we talked a lot about being super conservative in early downs, something that improved in 2021.

But clearly, there are issues left to fix. Fortunately, there’s time. However, make no mistake. These are no small problems. When push comes to shove, the Bengals need to make these small things work to repeat a Super Bowl run in 2022.

Featured image via Sam Greene-USA TODAY Sports