NFL Power Rankings can be so dumb sometimes. What’s supposed to be an accurate ranking of where teams could end up or which team is the best tends to become a glorified series of “overreaction” takes.

A perfect example of this is where The Athletic has the Cincinnati Bengals ranked after an overtime loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers. The disappointing 0-1 record was enough for the respected sports site to drop the Bengals from #7 to #18. Meanwhile, the Steelers went from #19 all the way to #11.

Come on, man!

There’s an explanation for this, of course. According to the article, all teams with a 1-0 record are ranked above those with an 0-1 record. As such, the Bengals are the best-ranked team with a losing record (Colts and Texans are tied at 16th).

“Burrow threw four interceptions, the Bengals lost the turnover battle 5-0, there was clock mismanagement and an injured long snapper that cost the Bengals two would-be game-winning kicks. Safe to say that won’t happen every week,” writes Bo Wulf from The Athletic.

He’s right. That will not happen every week. The Bengals’ season-opening loss was on poor pass protection, plenty of Joe Burrow mistakes, and even some questionable coaching decisions.

Bad Sundays like that happen in the NFL all the time. However, the Bengals remain one of the best teams in the league and will be legit contenders in the AFC. Power rankings – or most of them, anyway – do very little to reflect what they’re supposed to; which are the best teams in the NFL.

You can check out the full rankings here.

Featured image via Sam Greene-USA TODAY Sports